Residential work from home rental space
property has land development potential.
The Subject Property provides 3.11 acres
on crowsnest highway # 3 drive location.

ALR  Commercial
& Residential lots
on  3.11 Acre Farm

ALR  Commercial
& Residential lots
on  3.11 Acre Farm


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Street view of the Subject Property

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Trans-Canada BC HYW. # 3 location frontage has a hobby farm living status

plus provides area access for various investment development and growth.

The Subject Property is located within Erickson, which is a small community bordering beautiful Creston Valley British Columbia.

Creston is a small town in the southeast corner of the Province of British Columbia, in the east kootenay region.  It is approximately 7 miles north of the USA / Canada border.  It is approximately 63 miles west of Cranbrook B.C., which is the largest community in the east kootenay region, and generally serves as the supply, service, and distribution centre of the area.

The present Creston population is currently estimated at 5,400 people, with 15,500 in the immediate trading area.  The average age of people in the area is in excess of 50 years, due to primary to the climate.

The Subject Property is located along highway # 3, which at this point, is also the Trans-Provincial Route.  Traffic in the area is considered to be heavy at times.

The Subject Property is in an area of mixed residential and commercial use, with other developments in the area consisting of vegetables and fruit stands, a restaurant, music - craft and art stores, and two motels across the street.

NOTICE :  The Subject Property currently has two A.L.R. zonings.
                                                                                                          (Agricultural Land Reserve)
     3.11 Acre Parcel 
 * Front 1/3 portion of property is zoned as C-2, Highway Commercial.
 * Rear  2/3 portion of property is zoned as RR-1, Rural Residential.
The Subject Property and the building's brief description:

The Subject Property is rectangular in shape, with a slight rise to the rear (north) on the
edge of the forest.

The 3.11 acres in size come with a 180 foot highway frontage.

There are 70 + mature hazel nut trees and large crop of jerusalem artichokes,
2 largest agri-crops in the kootenays.
Hazelnut trees were hand planted in year 2000 and will now increase nut
production for the next 60 plus years,
the Jerusalem Artichokes will annual reseed within it's plot area forever.

There is a seasonal mountain creek that runs across the property into a
pond  and down the side to exit out in corner frontage.
The (dog-leg shaped) clean maintained creek length is aprox. 500 feet.
The creek runs aprox. 9 months of the year and is fresh mountain run off.
Good for live-stock watering area.

The rock free and rich soil provides a large garden area available behind the house.

     the  DUPLEX  (farmhouse)  BUILDING:
The duplex is a side by side building.  The building(s) right side (east) is the original
portion, was built aprox. year 1955 and totals 760 square feet on the main floor.
The left side of the duplex was built in 1979 and totals 1,258 square feet on main floor.

The original (home) section's main floor contains a kitchen with dining area, living room,
two bedrooms, with a main 3 piece bath.   

The newer (home) section's floor contains a living room,  large kitchen with eating area,
family room, two bedrooms, on suite toilet,  a 4 piece bath and a laundry room with
outdoor 50 ft. cloths line from main floor.

Duplex house heated by two individual natural gas burning furnaces and/or
electric inferred heaters.   200 ampere main panel with a 100 ampere sub-panel.  
Optional Princess-Blaze King air tight wood stove in basement.

     the  COMMERCIAL  (rental lot)  BUILDING:
This building was built in two sections.  The original section is the single story portion,
and it was built in 1970.
The newer section, which is two storeys, was built in 1997.

The single story portion totals 1,680 square feet in size.  The interior contains  a 2 piece bath.
The new addition contains 692 square feet on the top floor which has a 2 piece bath,
with a shower stall option.
The new addition ground floor has 692 square feet with air conditioning and
exhaust port - venting fan.  200 ampere main electrical panel with  3 phase outlet.
Heated with electric inferred heaters and/or natural gas services.
This is the big aerial view of the Subject Property
   from : the Subject Property Owner 

to inquirer more details, contact James,
for information on the Subject Property

Regional District Of central Kootenays
LOT  1  DL  812  Plan  NEP2951 
3.11  Subdividable Property
40 Klm. speed limit on  #3 Highway Frontage

Telephone #   011 1 250 428 4798
(leave message on answering machine for a call back)

The Subject Property Owners asking

    $ 1,125,000.   
     includes  equipment amenities   

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